The 10th Asia Partnership Conference of Pharmaceutical Associations (APAC)
Theme : Overcoming COVID-19 and Taking on New Innovative Challenges for the Next Decade in Asia.

The 10th APAC (Asia Partnership Conference of Pharmaceutical Associations) was held as a virtual conference by ZOOM on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, starting 10:30AM(JST) until 18:20.
Mr. Thomas Cueni (IFPMA) gave us his congratulatory speech in video and Dr. Yasuhiro Fujiwara (PMDA) made a keynote speech on site about cooperation with Asian countries and PMDA’s actions and global cooperation against COVID-19.
The 10th conference consisted of 5 sessions including new session for about e-labeling.
On this page, we put presentation materials including speech records presented at the conference by speakers/lecturers for the sake of all audiences so that they can get further understanding and profound insights from these materials. Thanks to all speakers/lecturers who allowed us to put their valuable materials.

10th APAC Program

Conference material(Consensus of each session)

Opening Remarks

Congratulatory Speech

Congratulatory Speech_Thomas Cueni_IFPMA

Keynote Lecture

〈Files used in 10th APAC Program〉

Regulations and Approvals (RA) Session

 Keynote speech_John Lim_Duke-NUS

 RA Panel Discussion

APAC letter related to COVID-19 & APAC thanks letter related to COVID-19


APAC sent National Regulatory Authorities in Asia two letters which appreciate their regulatory agility during COVID-19 and mention there are four important best practices surrounding regulatory agility that we can work through collectively for areas in need.

For the 10th APAC, RA-EWG also provides the final Progress Report which summarizes the improvement on the focused topic(s) since April 2015.

Progress Report


-At the 4th APAC in 2015, the APAC Position Paper provided the five high level suggestions and proposals to the regulatory authorities.

-APAC member associations have picked up topics of focus in their economy from the Position Paper, and annually summarized their activities in the Progress Report.

Access To Innovative Medicines Session 1 (e-labeling)

ATIM Session 2 (Post Approval Changes, BCS-based approach)

Drug Discovery Alliances Session

Value-based Healthcare Session

Closing Remarks_Kenji Yasukawa