Expert Working Groups

The APAC Expert Working Groups(EWGs) and Task Force(TF) are set up to manage and perform the various activities of APAC on behalf of the Steering Committee.

Drug Discovery Alliance (DA-EWG)

Aiming for an early realization of innovative medicines originating in Asian countries

E-labeling (E-labeling-EWG)

Aiming for sharing the knowledge, discussing e-labeling initiatives such as common electronic standards, and developing guidance so that e-labeling initiatives can be enhanced, harmonized, and accelerated in the Asian region.

Regulations and Approvals (RA-EWG)

Aiming for accelerating the review process of new drugs by promoting the Good Registration Management

Pharmaceutical Market and Regulatory Environment in Asia(PMRE-TF)

Staying current with pharmaceutical market & regulatory environment as factual grounds to achieve APAC mission