The 11th Asia Partnership Conference of Pharmaceutical Associations (APAC)
Theme: Building a platform and delivering valuable innovation for the peoples in Asia
– Next decade of APAC

We are pleased to announce that the 11th virtual APAC conference was held on Tuesday, April 5, 2022 with more than 500 audiences participated from all over Asia.

As we set the conference theme shown above, APAC would like to be a platform for communication among stakeholders in Asia to achieve delivering innovative pharmaceuticals through discussion and cooperation. To help achieve it, we have put 5 sessions with speakers/leaders in its specialities. Those are Drug Discovery Alliances, Regulations and Approvals, e-labeling, Manufacturing-Quality Control-Supply, and Asian UHC.

With the support of many speakers, we were able to post most of the materials presented at each session here. We hope it will be helpful to everyone who has participated APAC.

11th APAC Program

Press Conference materials

Opening Remarks

Congratulatory Speech

Keynote Lecture

Drug Discovery Alliances (DA) Session

Regulations and Approvals (RA) Session

e-labeling Session

Manufacturing, Quality Control and Supply (MQS) Session

aUHC Session

Keynote Lecture